Our Services

Let us become your visual brand partner. We can manage your brand in the market place to give you the best value by maximising your brand in the physical sense. We make sure your signage stands out and becomes recognised across all your sites.

We are leading signage specialists and experts. We assist corporations with rebranding-rollout programmes, by branding, planning, creating and implementing brand change across multiple sites nationally.

We are working across all of Australia and upon the completion of site audits, can come up with a solution for each of your projects.

Brandboy offers planning , creation of specifications, manufacturing, installation and project management solutions in the areas below:

- planning
- council requirements
- architecture
- signage
- multiple numbers of stores
- re-branding
- roll-out programmes
- way finding
-large format printing
-floor graphics
-internal projects
-exhibition displays
-trade shows
-commercial signage
-industrial signage
- portable displays and banners
-rollup and pop-up banners
-hiring of displays and exhibition equipment
-hiring of presentations and point of sale displays
-commercial fit-outs
-retail fit-outs

We are able to utilise your approved artwork and design specifications by way of submission to an open market to procure your signage. We are flexible and always working to make sure we create the best value for our clients.

Brandboy assists national companies with national roll-outs and re-branding strategies to make it easier for them to rollout across a multiple numbers of stores. Brandboy ensures that we plan, create and implement the new brand nationally. Brandboy protects the integrity of the design and controls the brand consistency across all sites.
Brandboy implements brands while you drive your business.

Commercial Signage
We provide a full range of signage solution from static signage-architectural signage-way finding - through to technology based signage of LED and digital displays.

Wayfinding sign design
First apply the art of discovering how people move around a place, and then respond with the creation of a wayfinding sign design scheme that properly effects the use of the place with simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Inconsistent signage has a negative impact on brand experience. On the other hand, high quality, brand-signage significantly increases brand impact and sustains brand experience.

Internal fit out project
Brandboy can assist with your complete store refurbishment. We have the expertise to make sure we can work with your space and
provide you with a solution that will maximise your internal space.Brandboy will provide you with a turnkey solution and complete your store or commercial space. This means we can deliver a complete store or commercial space in the area of design,painting,electrical,plumbing,joinery,installations.

The strength of Brandboy's offering is the high quality of project management from the start of the project and until it's all completed. When we implement the new brand, we encourage clients to look at ways to keep it fresh with our maintenance program. Brandboy maximizes brand presence and ensures we create the best value for our clients. We ensure your branded assets will look good over the entire lifecycle of the brand.

Workplace branding
This ncreases brand identification, loyalty and knowledge. In addition, it improves collaboration and communication and facilitates talent recruiting and retaining.

Depending on client needs, our service includes site audits, planning, design specifications, developing sign manuals, obtaining council approvals, prototyping, procurement strategies, manufacturing and installation of internal and external signage, commercial signage, retail signage, foyer entrance statements, large format prints, banners, point of sales displays, trade show displays, banner displays and overall maintainance of signage.

We are used to collaborating with designers, architects, builders, interior designers and project management companies.

We offer free quotes (Australia wide) for your next projects so please contact our signage specialist or internal fit out experts who can assist you with your enquiry.

We will match our clients needs and provide them with a solution that will match their business requirements.